Monday, March 20, 2006

Week 2 - Beginning Q21

What a weekend it has been! Friday turned out to be a horrendous day ... we had TONS of problems at work. I had to leave early to take my kids to the doctor for their health checks and immunizations. When I got into work today, I found out that lots of people, including my team lead, were working all weekend long on this problem. The problem persists today ... so I'll be brief on today's entry.

Game Theory

I havn't done anything with this class since Thursday. I've been working on the other class. I'll review for game theory today before class. I hope I'll do well on the quiz. Judging from his sample quiz he gave last week, the questions are worded kind of funky. We'll see ...


We got our group together. Three of us were in Snir's Excel modeling class last mod. We're thinking that Snir's class might actually help with this one! I read as much textbook as I could take ... it was very tough. After about 3 hours of reading that textbook, I felt like Ted Ferguson Budlight Daredevil. I've been really worried about this class ... not sure if I'm going to pick this stuff up or not. But then I realized this weekend, that 50% of the class is just project and case work ... stuff I'll work on with the help of other people. The other 50% will come from the final and I can work my way through that part. So I just don't need to sweat about this stuff so much.

Quixote Update
Chapter 21

The next adventure is about how Quixote wins Mambrino's helmet. There was a barber who was travelling on the same road Quixote was on. He had a brazz basin with him. It began to rain and so the barber put it over his head to protect his new hat. Quixote sees him from afar and deduces that this basin was a rich prize and that he must have it (some knight Quixote read about had a brass helmet or something). So Quixote approaches this defenseless barber and takes the helmet by force. After that part I went to bed.

Chess Update

Nothing new ... I fiddled around with the chess viewer and got it working fine now.

The 3/20/06 puzzle is 35. ... ? I think it is Bxh2+ The king must capture h2. Then the rook comes down followed by the queen. It's over.

The answer is 35. ... Bxh2+. Easy as eating pie.

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