Friday, September 29, 2006


This blog has been demoted over at the Boylston Chess Club Weblog.

In the "upper class" links are the power chess blogs. The "2nd class" links below the "upper class" links are the non-English chess blogs. Following them are the "worker class" blogs (Knights Errant). They are the ones who do the real work. Thankfully, my other blog is listed there.

Lastly is the lowly "kibitzer class." This is the class whose blogs are not entirely focused on chess. They might occasionly comment on chess or they are related to the BCC in one way or another. This blog was once a member of the "upper class" but has since been relegated to "kibitzer." Maybe it's because I talked so much about my MBA classes with a smattering of chess topics. Who knows ...

Anway ... I'm pretty much done with school. In fact I rarely talk of it. This blog will now focus mainly on chess. Maybe, just maybe if this blog is special enough, it will receive it's upper-class status again.


  1. Rocky - Sorry for causing you such distress :). I did add you to the Kibitzers list since you were covering a lot more things than chess and since I figured your other blog "Sir Rocky Rook" was going to be your chess-focused one.

    However, not to worry, if "Roky Rook" is going to be focused primarily on chess I'll be happy to move it back to its old home on the sidebar.


  2. DG ... thanks for the comment. I wasn't really distressed. I knew that since I talked so much about my MBA stuff and was not focusing on chess, then this blog probably was best put in the kibitzer section.

    I just saw an opportunity to make a funny bit out of it.

    But, yes ... this blog will be focused on chess from now on. The other blog (sirrockyrook) is dedicated solely (sp?) to studying tactics via the (semi) de la Maza method. Once I'm done with that quest, I'll rarely post there.

    Thanks again! Ya'll do a great job over at the BCC. It's a valuable service and blog!