Monday, February 12, 2007

One Year Later

Three Years Later

Last year at this time, I discovered my long lost blog (this one). I had ventured into blogging for the first time in February of 2004 when I was getting started in applying to MBA school. I had fogotton about this blog until last year. I brought it back to life and used it to track my progress in MBA school. Now that I've graduated, this blog is (almost) wholly focused on chess.

I'll continue to post interesting articles and tid-bits on chess as well as musings about the games I play. Right now, most of my chess time is consumed with tactics. You can track this quest over at my tactics blog ...


I worked on tactics last night for an hour and a half. Then I logged on to FICS and played a handful of blitz games. I lost a won game and then drew another won game. It's interesting ... I can spot my mistakes the second after I make a bad move! In a matter of two seconds, I can go from winning to losing. All I need to do is to run a mental blunder check before I make my move in blitz games ... I normally do this in my long games. But in blitz I fail to run that quick blunder-check before I move. Anyway, I finally won a game and got back about half of the points I lost.


The Winter OCL is in full swing. I sat out week 1 and our team has a bye in week 2. So next week I'll play.

Good luck to the rest of About Tal!

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