Monday, July 02, 2007

4th of July and Chess

With the 4th of July in a couple of days, I was interested in seeing how the 4th are chess are related when entered into a search engine.

Quite of few hits came up for chess sets. actually has a category of chess sets named "Revolutionary War Chess Sets" There are other military themed-sets too, of course.

If you google "Revolutionary war chess", you'll find lots of sites willing to sell you a set similiar to this one.

This person (over at takes atomic chess to the next level ... rigging actual pieces with fireworks. When captured, the firework is lit!

And while you're out BBQing on Wednesday, the chess competitor in you may decide to focus on Championship BBQ ... read more here. DG over at the BCC picked up on this article last year and proposed a BBQ/Chess competition.

After cooking up your BBQ, sit down and enjoy your picnic and a nice game of chess ... but be careful about the distractions.

Enjoy the 4th!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the United States of America!

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