Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Link Added

I think I ran accross this link before, but I found it again via the FICS Facebook page (yes, that's right, FICS is on Facebook now). Anyway, this link takes you to a site where you can post a long standing seek for longer games. I've added it to my Chess Links section.

I saw that Farbror is on the list ... if you see this Farbror, maybe you and I can play a few games sometime. I can usually play any day between 18:30 and 22:30 FICS (Pacific Time). On the weekends, my time can be a little more flexible.


  1. I would love a game! To start at 15:30 (EST) works great most days of the week. In theory the small dear ones should be asleep by then.

  2. 15:30 EST is a little early for me (I'm still at work during that time). However, I could probably play at that time during Christmas break.

    Let me know which day you want to play ... any day between Dec 23 and Jan 1.