Thursday, January 14, 2010

T41: Game 1

Whew!  It is good to be back playing in the 45 45 league.  I always get so dang nervous playing these games.  I was wiping my sweaty hands all through the game.  I put on some Ludovico Einaudi and David Darling to help me relax.  It may have helped.

Here is the game on the FICS Game DB.  You can also see the game here along with the whispers of those who watched it.

After I played 11. b3, he sent me a chat saying "Nxd5 was better"  Of course he was right ... and it really threw me off ... rattled my nerves even more!  But I was able to fend him off and only lose a pawn and then go on to win a bishop, trade queens and then trade my bishop for his rook ... then he resigned.

So now Fritz will do his work tonight and then I'll digest this one for the next few days.

1 comment:

  1. Chatting during the game is within league rules?

    Maybe he meant to whisper to Watchbot? Otherwise it seems kinda rude...