Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chess Playing Ghost?

Patrons, baristas and even the owner of Lazy Daze coffee house in Indianapolis claims there is a ghost who haunts the place and even plays chess.  The claim about the ghost playing chess comes from the owner who said, "One morning I was opening up the coffee house, getting the place ready and straightened up for business," [Jeff] Coppinger tells Asylum. "I put the chess pieces on to the playing table and then went to the back room for a little bit. I came back to the front office and noticed that all the chess pieces had moved."

OK ... I'd bite.  If I lived there, I would visit the place after reading this story.  I'd even get the pieces out and wait for the "ghost" to move them while I sipped on some cocoa.

via Our Lady of Lourdes Chess Club
image credit Earl McCall at

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  1. Yeah, but where did the pieces move? If 1. a4 or something we can conclude that this ghost is a fish, but if the owner came back and found a stunning novelty on move 26 of the Poisoned Pawn Sicilian I say let's hang at this place and see if we can pick up some other opening surprises!