Thursday, March 25, 2010

CT-ART 4.0

In reading my feeds today, I came across a post stating that CT-ART 4.0 is out.

Then I read the one review at Amazon about CT-ART 4.0.

Avoid this software like the plague.
First, it is not new - it is CT-ART 3.0 with Mate Studies added. If I had known that I wouldn't have bought it. And they lie on the box and in their web info. I only found out by going to their support site. Which is another nightmare, by the way.

Second, the new interface, Peshk is a Piece of Garbage. I own the software, I bought it, and will be returning it to the USCF. I can't get the thing I bought, CT-ART 4.0 not Peshk, to install or register it. In fact I can't even tell you where it is. I bought, I remind Convecta, a licensed copy of their software. I didn't buy the right to attempt to endlessly contact their server to get their permission to run something I own. Or endlessly write tech support for help. There is no excuse for this.

It is software from hell. You have no idea what you are supposed to do. Another example of bad programming from ChessNOTOk. Not to mention more bad English.

One star is too high. Even zero stars is too high. A waste of both time and money. Stay away from it at all costs.
Talk about a hot opinon! Needless to say, the reviewer gave it 1 star.

ChessCafe's shop has a few more reviews which are at least toned-down from the one at Amazon.
Has anyone purchased this new version?  Is the Amazon reviewer correct or does (s)he have abnormally high expectations to begin with?
I also wonder if tactics-type software sales have dropped significantly since more and more tactics sites are available now.


  1. I can only say that I just started to read the book, "Combinational Motives", on which CT-ART 3.0 was based. I never saw such a comprehensive book, site, etc. on tactics. Exercises are sorted by many categories, not only usual ones like deflection, etc., but by thinner ones, like combos related to verticals "h" or "g" , or to king's cover f7, g6 or f7, g6, h5, such item as pin has 6 subcategories, etc., 1400 combos in total. If you can remember all of this, I don't know how many hundreds higher your rating will be. I am not in a mood yet to buy the software, but I would read as many reviews as possible before making the decision.

  2. I haven't used the Peshk@ interface for CT-Art, but am quite happy with it for their Complete Chess Course and Chess Tactics 1 & 2. It sure beats their old training interface.

    I haven't personally run into bugs with it. And whenever I've had any issues -- like getting additional downloads since I switch computers a lot -- Convekta/ChessOK has been relatively quick to take care of me.

    I believe that they have a money-back guarantee. I know someone else who bought and then regretted buying Aquarium and was able to get a full refund. The company is Russian, and you'll deal with customer service people with less than perfect English, but they've never let me down.

  3. I haven't used CT Art 4.0 but I did purchase the Endgame Course and Checkmate Studies course from ChessOK. They were both Peshka courses. And they were a NIGHTMARE!!
    They would run, not run, give me error messages etc. etc.

    I had to buy the endgame course twice because the email links got screwed up. Needless to say I do no recommend anything from ChessOk.

    I won't touch the Peshka interface again.

  4. I asked about it here and wang gave a good comment.

  5. Hideously unfriendly/unintuitive to install.
    "Courses" are not courses but collections of puzzles - quite useful, but not as advertised.
    Most of them say you can review the theory, but include no theory at all.
    Instructions are non-existent - you are left guessing almost every time whther you are meant to be finding the next best move, mate in two or whatever.
    There is no guidance about about alternative moves, or what you are meant to learn.
    Purely as puzzles, and if you are prepared to look at every one as if you were in a game and were looking for what to do next, you may them useful. Otherwise look elsewhere.
    For myself, I would not buy their products again.