Friday, April 02, 2010

March Stats / April Goals

Here are my March Goals with a status for each one:

1) 30 tactics a day (930 total for the month) - SUCCESS! 676/931 (73%)
ChessTempo Blitz rating improved from 1673 to 1717.
2) 3 long games - FAIL. played one game against the computer.
3) Study and input into .pgn at least two games from Logical Chess - FAIL.
4) Consolidate previously captured tactical misses into one .pgn file (missedtactics.pgn) FAIL.
5) Review missedtactics.pgn every week - add problems to file as needed. FAIL.
Perhaps most of those goals were too ambitious in light of the fact that I don't have that much spare time.  So I'm going to re-focus on what really matters.
April Goals:
1) 30 tactics a day (900 total for the month)
2) Play 3 long games (should be easier this month as Team League is starting up again)

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