Sunday, October 23, 2011

Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

I have finally completed reading Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev.

This little project of mine has been going on years and it finally came to an end on the evening of Friday October 21, 2011.  I can't recall when I received my copy of the book ... it must have been around 2003 as a Christmas present.  I wanted it, because, back then, it was the book to have if you were aspiring to improve your chess.

At about this same time, I heard about the Polgar Brick and the subsequently how a few old Chessville denizens worked on that "project".  I missed out on the project and therefore was reduced to scouring the Internet for that .pgn file.

So to tie these two thoughts together - when I received my copy of Logical Chess, I decided to make a "project" out of it.  I would work on it game by game - page by page.  Sometimes I would spend a lot of time on one game, other times I would blow through a game fairly quickly.  Then there came a time when I abandoned it altogether ... only to just pick up the book and read over the games, but not work on the project.

Then the desire came back ... I just had to finish it.  Granted, it may not be perfect, but in my opinion this book is one of those timeless books and it felt better to have it all in one file.

My future plans for this book include additional review.  I've done some of the variations, but not all of them.  As I have more time to really dive into the games, I'll add the variations.  But for now, it is in a form I've always wanted it in.



  1. Good to read that you finished it...I haven't yet !
    It is great to have a decent hardback with enough text to explain and a few variations : sometimes that's just what you want. Even better, I picked my up second-hand for a few Euros !

  2. Thanks Signalman! This book has the text to explain everything and that is why it is so loved and recommended over and over again.

    Another reason for my little project that I referenced in the post, is because my copy is already starting to fall apart. And before it fell apart too much, I wanted to have it preserved in a different format. So if you lose your second-hand copy, you can always click my link in the post :-)

  3. Logical Chess: Move by Move is one of my all time favorite chess books! Chernev is one of the best annotators for improving players.

  4. Heartiest congratulations on finishing the project. My record on finishing chess projects is very mixed...I think I was supposed to be finishing Practical Chess Exercises about now, and the reality is about 500 short.

    So again, good for you!

  5. how hardship you must have accepted !!! great man !! i was almost going to abandon hope to get this amazing book in pgn. thaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot

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