Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Annotated Game Collections

Another aspect of my chess study that I really need to ramp up is reviewing games by GMs and other top-notch players.

Heisman, in his February 2011 Novice Nook column, provides some insight for choosing books of game collections to study.  I'd like to review Logical Chess Move by Move again and then move on to other books ... specifically the ones he recommends.


  1. Hey RockyRook!

    For what it is worth I LOVE game collections and have kept a running list of my favorites every once in awhile on my blog.

    And I TRULY loved Logical Chess by Chernev.

    What follows is just my opinion regarding some of the books from Heisman's list above:

    1) Don't waste your money or time on the Morphy book! It is one of the WORST chess books I have ever read. There are much better Morphy Game Collections. The one on Heisman's is horribly UNinstructive.

    2)Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking by McDonald is GREAT! If you like Logical Chess you will probably like this one as well.

    3) The Giants of Strategy book by McDonald is Okay!

    4) Chernev's Most Instructive book is really nice!

    5) 50 Essential Chess lessons by Giddens is really nice.

    6) The Ewe books is great!

    The others I haven't read.

    so that is my two cents for what ever that is worth! :)

    1. Tommyg, thanks so much for your feedback on those books!

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