Thursday, June 14, 2012

Game 34

Jabari, who visits our blogs, contacted me to play a 4 game series.  We started the series tonight (game 1 link here).  It was one tough game tonight.  So I felt I put up a pretty good fight, but I am still weak on seeing everything.  I need to take some extra time for triple-checking.

11...Qc7 was a great move on his part.  There wasn't really anything I could do to defend.  I just needed to see that position a bit earlier in the game.

19. e4 wasn't so great.  I saw the Qb+ move a few seconds after I pushed the pawn.  Sometimes this happens on Chess Tempo ... I see so many things and then they are all floating up there in my head and I have a hard time organizing my thoughts and keeping track of bad lines and such.

So he took the b2 pawn and I figured I could get some play out of that.  I did a little, but he navigated all the various lines well.

23. g4 killed me.  I wanted to defend that f5 pawn.  I probably should have just went ahead and played Bd1, giving me a chance to defend f5 while still getting a chance to take his c4.

After g4, I saw that h3 was now open for business.  It went downhill from there.  Since his clock was a little low, I worked a bit at forcing him to win it.  But he played quite well and finished me off no problem.


  1. Ugh - we both missed me dropping a piece.

    I can't take on move 12 - I had seen that I was ok after Qd4, but Qh5 just wins right away as the f-pawn's pinned. :( I have to castle first, but I was really worried about Bxh7+ if I did right there.

    Computer didn't like my Qc7 much at all, thought I should just leave all that alone, castle, and break French-style with f6.

    Pushing f4 left the e3-pawn really weak - I had been looking for quite a while to sneak in Qb6 (hitting e3 and b2).

    23. g4 - I was planning to just let go of c4 at that point. If Bd1 I was going to swing the queen to e2->f4 to try to get the queens off. As you said, g4 lets her out through f3 (which I saw right away).

  2. Rocky what do you think of a 15. e4 to attempt to weaken the advanced c4 pawn before the Bishop develops and the King safely castles bringing to Rook into the defense of d5 if needed.

    Also I remember seeing a chess blog of Jabrari's sometime ago, do you have the link by chance?

  3. I just started something up, though it's probably not what you are thinking of Tim.

    Here's a link to this just-completed game:

    I don't think 15. e4 works - the DSB isn't defended any more so I get out of the pin with (... Nf3+! 16. gxf3 Qxf4)

  4. awww snap! you're right! i knew there was something there - just didn't see it. not 14. Qd4, rather 14. Qh5!

    that's always the rub, isn't it ... you just have to *see* it.

    geesh - i only took 30 seconds to move Qd4.

    ugh indeed ... good eye there Jabari.

  5. Yeah - I think we both saw a "ghost knight" on f3 still when analyzing that (even though it gets exchanged off early in that sequence).

    I kept looking at Qd4, saying that f6 holds (or at least holds long enough to vacate the queen, and I'll happily give the pawn back to get an open f-file with some pressure down it). Qh5 never even crossed my mind as a possibility.