Friday, August 10, 2012

52 Game Quest (2011-12)

So the 2011-12 quest to play 52 games failed.  I played 41 games.  I could have gotten (maybe) a few more games in, but after the NAS-NAJ Tournament, the wind spilled out of my sails.  The tournament didn't cause all of that - rather, it was a combination of the tournament and other events that culminated in a lack of desire to do just about anything.

But, I'm picking the pieces up and the desire is coming back and I'm ready to kick off the 2012-13 quest to play at least 52 games.  I'm not going to be so stringent about the time controls I play.  I will probably end up playing more G/60 games than any other type.

As usual, leave a comment, send me an email or message on FICS if you want to play a single game or a series.

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