Friday, October 19, 2012

Round Turkey Chess Tournament? (on FICS)

Out of curiosity - how many of you, dear readers, would be interested in a either:

1. a 4-week (one game a week) chess tournament; every week of November, starting the week of November 4 and have all 4 games completed by November 30.

2. or perhaps a week-long tournament during the Thanksgiving holiday - November 20-23

It would have to be 4 players to accommodate either 4 weeks or 4 days.  Everyone plays everyone else (round robin style, although I'm calling it round turkey :-))  I'd propose a G 60 format ... or maybe a 60 5 format.

Participants would have to play all the other players in the given period of time.

Any takers?  I'd only need 3.

And to give some extra incentive, I'll offer a $10 gift card (to Starbucks or to Amazon or something like that) for the winner.

I'd want the tournament to be somewhat competitive - don't want any grandmasters or beginners playing, so the bottom cut-off rating would be 1500 and the top cut-off rating ... let's say 1700 (using FICS standard rating).

If I get a lot of responses, I'll take the first 3 who meet the criteria.

image source: NBC:SNL


  1. I'm game, thing is I don't know what my FICS rating is, haven't been there in forever.

  2. I'd be up for the four-day version. I'm traveling on vacation for the first two weeks of November.

    I'm a mid-grade Class B USCF. I've only played a couple games on FICS before, but my playing strength should be in the desired rating range.

    Would also pony up a $10 Amazon card for the pot.

  3. I'd like to throw my hat in the ring, too. I think my FICS Standard is a little over 1700, but from what I know we are all a pretty good match for each other.


    FYI, I'll return from vacation on Saturday Nov. 17th. I should be able to chat with folks that weekend about setting up times etc. for the following week. If you all get someone else in the ring and decide to go for the once a week option, though, no problem.

    If I end up participating and having (curses!) to play Robert, I think I'd have to play that game on Sunday the 18th, because of the time difference (or wait until the following weekend). I'll have massive jet lag on the 18th, so of course that's when it'll be scheduled, I expect. :P

    Also, I vote for a 60 5 time control.

  5. I think we have 4 players!


    Let's start play November 19/20 and finish up by November 24/25 ... that gives us about 1 game every two days. But if the tournament spills past November 24/25, that is fine ... this is a laid-back Round Turkey :-)

    Let's have a 60 5 format and let's play all the games on FICS.

    I'll draw randomly out of a hat the pairings for the first round and then just rotate them after that. I'll post the pairings on this blog after which you and your opponent will need to work out a time.

    When working out times/timezones, it's best to always offer times in FICS timezone.

    Any questions?

    This should be fun!

  6. Excellent! Will be back to iron out the details soon.

  7. Guys, sorry but I just found out I'll be closing a new house on the 20th and probably VERY busy for that week. So I had better let you find another fourth. I'm happy to get the house but sorry to miss playing, this is a great bunch. Maybe I can play you all a game in December.

  8. Great! Thanks again for organizing this.

  9. we have 4 players again!