Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 Round Turkey Pairings & Results

Congratulations to ChessAdmin for winning the 2012 Round Turkey!

Round 1 - should be finished by Nov 21
Rocky v Timmmmm (1-0) link to game here.
tomgtro v ChessAdmin (1-0) link to game here.

Round 2- should be finished by Nov 23
ChessAdmin v Rocky (1-0) link to game here.
Timmmmm v tomgtro (1-0) link to game here.

Round 3 - should be finished by Nov 25
tomgtro v Rocky (0-1) link to game here
Timmmmm v ChessAdmin (0-1) link to game here.

ChessAdmin 2.0
RockyRook 2.0
Timmmmm 1.0
tomgtro 1.0

* format: white v black

Other Logistics
If you would send me your email address at rockyrook at hotmail, I will pass along to everyone else, so you can schedule your games via email.  Also, let me know your FICS handle when you send me your address.

Always offer times in FICS time zone - this makes negotiations easier.  Feel free to schedule your games immediately.

I'll provide updates and links to this post.

Feel free to post questions or suggestions in the comments.

Have fun!


  1. Cool beans excited to play with you guys. It's been a very long time since I've played anything but Game 5, so this should be interesting. Good luck all and have a good Holiday.

  2. I am not in the rating range. I am just under 1400 at FICS.

    BUT, I would be into playing if you need a fourth!

    (what is the FICS time zone by the way?)

  3. Tommyg - FICS is Pacific time zone.

    And sure you can play! Shoot me your email address and I'll let the other two players know so we can begin working out times to play.