Saturday, April 06, 2013

Bloody Wednesday and '12-13 Game 25

So I've been humming along at ChessTempo ... doing about 20 blitz tactics a day.  But something changed this last Tuesday and Wednesday.  It may have been that I tried doing my tactics on my Galaxy Tab (smaller screen) while sitting on my comfortable couch ... as opposed doing them at my desk on my computer.

I switched back to the computer on Wednesday and it was horrific.  I dropped 70 rating points in one day.  It was crazy.  The next couple of days were gains, but I was still missing problem I should normally get.

Anyway, it might be awhile before I get back to what I think I should be at.
21. Rxf3?? Bg5

ChessAdmin and I have a good match-up going.  After our game today, we agreed about two games a month would be nice.

I think today was the 4th time we've played and he beat me again.  He's won 3 of the 4.

Today I shot myself in the foot ... didn't have my 'safety first' thinking cap on today.

But it was enjoyable and got me thinking a bit.


  1. I'm learning to ignore my rating :)

    I play online at ICC, and my ratings there vary wildly, especially in 5 -minute and blitz ( both of which I am poor at ).

    Best rating for me to use is the Team League one as, although dynamic, it doesn't vary by such wild swings, so id probably a more accurate measure of where I stand.

  2. Thanks for the comment ... yeah - I don't pay much attention to my chess rating at FICS, where I play at on-line. But my rating at ChessTempo has been very consistent ... and as I've been doing tactics there very regularly, I've seen my rating steadily (on average) go up.

    Now, there have been times when I go down in rating points ... but it's usually down to 1650-60 range. But what happened this week was an aberration. It was the lowest I sank in a long, long time - which is why I made a note of it on this post.

  3. I am watching many statistics at CT. A rapid decline of CT-rating by ~ 100 points is common. It happens to me for example, if i forget my blood pressure medication in the morning. Bad sleep, wrong food, weather change, stress, all that may effect your rating. My performance is early in the morning much worse than late in the evening ( i am NOT a morning person!! ).
    By the way 100 points is not "much". The score is only "a little" smaller.