Friday, May 17, 2013

Articles and Blog Posts on Solitaire Chess

I recently started trying my hand at playing Solitaire Chess - using Pandolfini's monthly column in Chess Life.

Out of curiosity, I searched and found a few links about playing solitaire chess for improvement.

Jeffrey Ashton / Panda Chess
Blue Devil Knight
Mark Weeks
The Path to Improvement (Atkins, Krieder) mentions solitaire chess



  2. thanks for sharing this Aox! I've been checking it out and seems like a really cool feature of CT.

  3. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Weird how I got almost my exact rating on that first Marshall-Capablanca game - 1816 (1819 is actual rating).

    Hardly seems like it, but I've probably gone through 100+ of Pandolfini's solitaire games over the years. It's always been the one feature that I insist on going through myself out of every Chess Life issue - the rest of the magazine can be immediately discarded aside from a casual or specific interest.