Monday, December 02, 2013

Good Summary Article on Chess Improvement

How to Get Good at Chess, Fast is a pretty good article that summarizes quite well all the things you need to do be be a good chess player.

- he defines "good" as 90th percentile of the player pool you are involved in
- play lots, do tactics, analyze your games
- one really good point he made about chess psychology: "don't ever be afraid of your opponent" and "fight as hard as you can until the game is over"  He says if you follow these two psychology rules, you can add 100 points to your rating.

Again, nothing new here other than it was a really good summary article about chess improvement.

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  1. I had a rappid improvent too as teenager with about the same speed. But i had a completly different training. I was never analysing my own games and did play not very often. I was not solving lots of tactics and never did any boardvision exercises Therefore i did read many good chessbooks and learned to play blindfold this way ( the books had not many diagrams in these days). I watched many ( good ) games life
    The secret of rappid chessimprovemet is: youth!