Saturday, December 27, 2014

lion of the blogosphere: is chess declining in popularity?

He cites the NY Times cancelling its chess column and then asks if chess is declining in popularity?


  1. newspapers are declining in popularity!!

  2. I think AoxomoxoA kinda hit the nail on the head there. I also think people have many other places to go than the NYT for their chess (and have for a long time).

    He also fails to ask such things like "declining with whom?" and what exactly popular means, in the context of a game played by tens of millions of people (at least) across the globe, at all hours of the day.

  3. agree with both your comments. NY Times seems to be "the" news source of a lot of NE US Americans - who view themselves as the center of the world. I can't see chess declining in popularity ... in fact, I think Magnus is helping make chess become more popular. Newspapers are declining.