Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chess Tempo

I created an account at Chess Tempo several weeks ago, but never revisted the site until today. I've been playing around there for a bit today and I really, really like what I've seen so far.

The biggest feature I love (so far) is the ability to choose either a blitz or standard tactic. If you choose blitz, it is just like CTS ... the quicker you correctly solve the problem, the better off you are ... time is a factor. But if you choose standard, the only thing that matters is if you correctly choose the sequence of moves ... time is not part of the equation.

It pains me that I've spent so much time and effort at CTS and will probably abandon the site. I'm only a few hundred problems away from 10,000 on CTS. Maybe once I hit the 10,000 mark, I'll quit CTS and exclusively focus on Chess Tempo.

Is there any reason to keep using CTS? Are the tactics comparable?


  1. I have used both. Lately mostly Chess Tempo in standard mode.

    I prefer the Chess Tempo software but I like the CTS problems better. I often fail at CT when I win a Queen in 3 but the solution was mate in 5. Or, I find the mate in 5 but there was a quicker mate. Its seems the CTS problems are less ambiguous.

    Bottom line: both are good.

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  3. I'm very happy with Chesstempo too. Allowing the standard setting option seems such an obvious improvement I wonder why CTS doesn't adopt it as well.