Thursday, December 06, 2007

How to Beat a Grandmaster (or two)

Here's the challenge: At best you're an average chess player. You challenge the following group to a simul

GM John Emms
FM Nathan Alfred
GM Jonathan Levitt
Desmond Tan (Former England Jr. )
IM Paul Littlewood
FM Graham Lee
GM Julian Hodgson
GM Chris Ward
Robert Chan (Pres. of the Chess Society Kings College, London)

How do you come out on top? Watch to found out.


  1. My friend saw this and was telling me about it, but I hadn't seen it until I saw it here. It's pretty entertaining.

  2. Super cool! I suspected this was the trick, as I seem to remember an old story about a guy running from one room to another and drawing two Grandmasters--but it certainly was a feat to do it with this many players! I've got to get this posted over at my place.

    Thanks for sharing.