Sunday, March 16, 2008

LEP Round 5 and "Thanks!"

Again, no big suprise or upset. Polly ate me like a cracker. It was more of a blitz than a rapid game.

I also wanted to thank DK and Chess Teacher for the helpful suggestions. I've increased the number of posts displayed on the main page and I fixed the height of the chesspublisher so that you don't have the scroll bar to the right.

Not much chess for me this past week or this week ... the kids are on Spring Break and I'm working the night shift, so I'm spending lots of time at Chess Tempo.


  1. excellent. fifty times nicer, and it was already excellent before. now we can see the mass of attractive work in one fell swoop.

    thanks for the acknowledgement... just as we have sight of board in chess, so in time we develop sight of a blog in time, having done it ourselves.

    you just wonder: "is this all there is?" then you see the history, and remark: "this guy has a lot of stuff!" but at a glance, it looks like a brand new blog.

    now any time you visit the blog of any active blogger of quality who has not noticed this, you will realize it instantly, like a back rank mate, but now its a back rank scroll!

    now go visit my blog and scroll, and the immediate thought is, 'when does DK sleep?', but its just an accumulation in time, nothing great to speak of individually.

    thank you. warmly, dk

  2. Are we on for tonight at 9 eastern?