Sunday, March 09, 2008

LEPers Round 4: Another Loss

No suprise here. Kevin TCB and trashed me. I personally was impressed I lasted as long as I did. The game wasn't really special, so I won't bother posting it.


  1. rocky, youve done a LOT of work here. did you know that you can configure your blog so that visitors of viewers not only see the last four or five posts, but as many as you want?

    personally, i like to be able to scroll and see the last ten or twenty at a glance, but not everyone prefers that, but just fyi. visit my blog and see how works, and compare it to some others.

    i am not asking to promote my blog, just have you see different blogs and how far they scroll. i am at the other extreme, but that is an entirely different story, as far as how far to go back...

    i like how blogger does on this, an allows easy choice, but not many know this. you go into settings at your Dashboard for that...

    take care, dk

  2. Rocky: Did you see my comment at LEP? Can you play tomorrow night around 9:30 EDT?