Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top Tagger

Chess Tempo has been upgraded a bit and I like what I see so far. All the gory details can be read here.

But what really suprised me was seeing my handle at the top of the taggers list. I'm a top dog at Chess Tempo ... at least for now.


  1. What's a tagger?

    And you've increased your lead since then. Congratulations, I suppose.

  2. A tagger is anyone who tags a tactic with a name or type. Before the recent updates to the site, you could see the tags while you were working on the tactic. There are a couple of reasons why I tag.

    First, there are many problems that are 'hung pieces' But sometimes the server will give you a problem that looks like a 'hung piece' type but it's really a mate. So I'd tag them so that others would get a heads up. But with the new updates, that doesn't help anymore because he's covered the tags while a problem is active.

    Second, I tag them to help me think about what type of tactic it is. I find it helpful with the learning process and identification process.