Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full-fledged Red Hot Pawn Member

Right before our vacation, I purchased a year supscription to Red Hot Pawn. I did so because I was going to get one anyway and the timing was right because I didn't want my games to timeout.

Correspondance chess is perfect for my schedule. I can make decent moves at my own pace without having to sit down for one whole hour or two. If the kids are breaking out into a brawl, I can pause my anylyzing, stop the fight and establish the peace again and then get back to the game.

I've only lost two games so far, but I'm sure as the competition gets stiffer, those losses will increase. If you want to start a game, let me know. I play 7-day moves with a 7-day time bank. I'm no longer restricted to playing 6 games at once.

I'm still working on tactics at ChessTempo. The site has greatly improved since I first found it. The problems are getting better too.

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