Thursday, July 09, 2009

At Least It Got Off the Ground

OK ... so it may not have been a resounding success and there was a brain fart on my part. After a busy day at work, I get home around 6pm Central time and suddenly realize that I may have noted the wrong hours for the FSC. So I log into FICS and check the FSC site and realized indeed that I noted the hours as 16:00-21:00 Pacific time (18:00-23:00 Central). I saw about 5 or 6 people in channel 111. I asked the channel if anyone was there for the FSC but got no response. So I updated the FSC site to note the correct hours of 18:00 - 22:00 FICS/Pacific time (which of course is 20:00 - 00:00 Central).

I then ate dinner, spent time with the fam and then put the kiddos to bed and logged back on to FICS around 20:00 Central and no one but me and some computer account is in channel 111. Amazingly I see a seek for a 60 0 game and I immediately accept. It was a really good game (see here).

After I finish the game, I check channel 111 again and see one lone comment from chezzznut: 'hello?' I feel bad because I know it was Chessaholic and he was the only one to originally respond to my idea about the FICS chess club. So I'm sorry Chessaholic! I would have said hello if I had seen you on FICS, but I was in the middle of a game at the time. Please come back again next week though!

So the FICS Standard Club has at least started. Hopefully turnout will be better next week and I can at least give a welcome to everyone.


  1. Nice game. Loved the mating attack. Your opponent was pushing a little too hard with 13...f5. Should've played 13...Bf5! 17.Na4 is ok but given the choice i would've prefered 17.Nd3. 18.Ne5? Your Knight sits perfectly at f3,castle! 20.Rae1 leaves Black up a pawn. 20.Bg5. 25.Rfe1 leaves Black up a pawn. 25.f4. 28.b3? The pawn provided excellent protection for the Knight. 28.Rd3! seize the open file! Just some quick observations.

    Anyway, your FICS initiative is really cool. I would join if i could but i can't. But i'm sure you'll get it off the ground some more. Take care!

  2. @CMoB, thank you for the analysis! That is exactly what I need.

    I ran this game through Fritz 10 (full analysis @ 120 secs) and I was suprised that I didn't miss any tactics! There were a few positional suggestions from Fritz.

    13...f5 indeed he was pushing too hard. I felt like a kid on Christmas because I immediately saw the fork (Qb3+). Fritz agreed with you (if I remember correctly) that Bf5 is better.

    17. Na4 ... I thought about this move for quite a bit. But decided on Na4 because I wanted to place my knight on c3 to add more pressure on his d5 knight. Also, I wanted my queen to have a clear path on defedning my bishop on e3.

    18. Ne5 was actually a really good move in my opinion. Fritz liked it too. 1) I've got an eye on f7 (forking his Q and K). 2) Also if I can somehow get my queen over to h3 then Ng6+ forks the king and rook.

    28. b3 ... my though here was if Rd4 then Nb5 winning the pawn on a7

    Anyway ... thanks again for the feedback. And also, why can't you join? Judging from your blogger profile picture, a match between you and me could be a replay of Rocky III (Clubber Lang vs Rocky)!

  3. hehehe no worries man. when I got to channel 111, I saw that nobody was there so I looked up your handle and saw that you were in the middle of a game. Didn't want to bother you during your game so I just stuck around and played a few blitz games. I added you to my friends list, and I'll try to be back next week. I'm probably going to be on FICS this weekend quite a bit as well so maybe I'll see you around!

  4. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Unfortuantely, Thursday is typically not a good day...any Monday-Thursday really, but I'll show when I can.

  5. Great to have a meeting spot for people craving for slow games. The Club Hours are a bit "Euro Hostile" but...