Sunday, July 05, 2009

FICS Standard Club

Go visit the site for more details!

Come join the fun on FICS starting July 9, 2009 and every Thursday thereafter.


  1. Good for you, I will try and get by for a visit and a game whenever I can. Also thanks for pointing out the FICS database, that is cool of them to do!

  2. cool! I'm gonna try to be there this Thursday.

  3. Great idea!
    Unfortunatly I am living in Denmark and it takes place in the middle of the night :-)

  4. @ Thomas ... sorry about that (the time)! One reason I wanted to start this club was to be able to get people on FICS regularly to play long games. Another reason was to get people who can play at the same time I'm awake. When I was actively participating in the 45 45 tournament and the OCL, my opponents and I had to play at off times ... late at night or early in the morning. Hopefully this will work out better (for me at least). Maybe someone can start a FICS Standard Club for Europe.

  5. Sorry to read in the other post that nobody showed up yesterday.

    I have browsed a lot on your blog and reminds me of my own chess improvement plans and inspired me to, finally start making my own chess progress website.

    One of my own goals is to create a network of chess sparring opponents and play one long game at least once a week. In weekends I would be able to play somewhere between FICS servertime 00:00 and 13:00, which makes it a problem playing vs. people from the US.
    I hope STCBunch will help me finding opponents.

    I look forward to follow your progress and hoping your FICS Standard Club will become a success.

  6. @ Thomas let me know your blog link and I'll add it to mine so I can start reading/tracking it.

    I might be able to play you some weekend ... perhaps between 04:00-06:00 FICS time. Outside of that period, I'd have to make time for it since weekends are usually full of outdoor activities for my family and me.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  7. Great idea, I'm sure it will pick up steam.