Saturday, September 17, 2011

RHP Update

I stopped playing at RedHotPawn about a year ago, but then I picked it back up a few months ago.  I've won another game there just today.

On White's 20th move (where the game begins below), it got interesting.  He planted his knight deep in my territory, but I managed to scrape out a lead by taking out his supporting pawns and then exchange my bishop for his rook.  From there, we did some posturing, but I finally was able to sweep up some pawns and he resigned.

So now I'm 64-19-2 with a rating of 1635 at RHP.  I have 4 current games going right now.

It's been a while since I played my last G/90 game.  Life has been busy and the last two weeks I had higher priorities early Saturday morning.  But I'm thinking next Saturday morning I should be able to get another game in.  I'm looking forward to the 5 G/120 games coming up in a couple of weeks at the US Class Championships!

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