Monday, March 19, 2012

Game 19

Game 1 of 4 with silencehunter was a draw (link here).  He had me at one point, and I was holding on for dear life.  He was chasing down two isolated pawns.  He was about to take the 2nd isolated pawn, but did not - both to my surprise and delight.  I was able to then able to capture his bishop, but his two pawns and a rook flew down the side of the board.  If it were not for my rook and bishop, I would have lost the game.  It ended in a draw by repetition.


  1. I watched parts of your game 19 live on FICS and noticed something! We have almost equal rating on FICS and ChessTempo.
    Well, at move 33. you played h3?. Looked obvious to avoid backrank mate due to blacks 33... Rc1.
    I am almost sure with your chesstempo rating, that if the same position was presented as an exercise, you would have seen 33.Rxa7! and after 33.. Rc1 34. Ra1!. (or Rad7, or Rf1).
    What is it, that makes both of us blind and miss simple tactics and play some (sorry) weak move!?

  2. oh wow Nygren (smacking my head). I haven't annotated this game yet, but you are absolutely correct in your analysis.

    I still experience blindness too often ... even at ChessTempo. I've missed obvious ... I mean OBVIOUS, moves on a 1500 rated problem. It is amazing how blind I get sometimes. Yet, there are other problems (1700+, 1800+) with complicated positions and I seeing everything instantly and score a huge jump in points because I solved it correctly and quickly.

    The only solution I can think of is getting my vision and thinking automated to such a deep level that I miss hardly any sub-1500 problems and improve my correct percentage of 1600 problems and higher.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment (a valuable one too!).

    If we're evenly rated on FICS and CT, maybe we should play our own 4-game series of G 75/15 games. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. Yes, I'm interested.
      Only minor problem is timezone. I live in Denmark (GMT+1). But next week I have vacation and can play most of the day.
      You can write me on thomas (e) and/or add me to msn, if you use that!