Saturday, March 03, 2012

Games 14 & 15

Games 2 and 3 to stevelco were defeats.  Honestly, I should have lost the first game too.  Steve is a really good player.  I was proud of myself for hanging with him the first two games, but game three was different.

I stunk; big time.  I hate making excuses, but I do feel I need to document.

There are days when I really feel like playing and I have lots of energy.  Then there are days where there is nothing there ... it's just "blah".  Other days, I can at least manage to muster up some desire.  Last night ... and pretty much the whole week for that matter was a blend of mustering and just plain "blah".  You can't deny the fact that other life events affect your chess play.

Also - there are losses where I feel good about ... I know I did my best; I fought hard and thought deep and well.  Then there are losses like last night where there was no heart; I was a complete woodpusher.

So, as opposed to trying to think about how I can minimize my failures in thinking or calculating, I need to think of a way to rouse up the fight in me when there is no fight.  How can I, on a snap of the fingers, turn into a calculating, killer-move-seeking monster?  Days like yesterday; weeks like this past week ... they will come again.  What can I do to prepare for them?  How can I overcome them?  That's what's on my mind.

Here are the games as captured from surveybot.

Game 2
Game 3

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