Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20,000 Blitz Tactics on ChessTempo

Today I hit the 20,000 blitz attempts mark on ChessTempo.

  • 20,000 attempts
  • 14,114 correct
  • 5,886 failed
  • 70.57% correct
  • 1678.3 rating (with an RD of 34.48)
  • 500/1095 is my active rank ... better than 54.39% of the active population
Here's to the next 20,000.


  1. That much practice should turn you into a tactical monster in OTB play!

  2. What's your standard if I may ask?

  3. James - I'd hope so! Maybe another 20,000 might do the trick.

    Tim - I've done only 1370 standard problems and have a 71.31% success rate.

    I focus on blitz because I want those "fast twitch" muscles in my brain to get the practice. I try to find a balance between doing the problems fast and accurately. So a lot of times, I get the problem right, but lose points b/c I was too slow. I have a special problem set of blitz tactics I got wrong in the last 30 days. So, when I miss a problem, I can easily go back to all my missed problems (after waiting a few days) to practice them again.

    But again, the main thing I'm focusing on is that flash board vision - seeing all the checks, captures and threats in a matter of seconds.