Friday, June 08, 2012

NAS-NAJ 2012 Open

July 13-15 at the Hobby Marriott - Not-a-Senior-Not-a-Junior 2012 Open

I'll be there Friday and Saturday getting my butt kicked in the U2000 section.


  1. Holy crap, I thought you were dead or something! *laugh*

    Looks like a cool tourney. Good luck! :)

    I'm still up for a game or 4 - probably won't be free until next Thurs though...

  2. Hope you dominated Rocky.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    You're playing in the U2000? Did you crack 1600, or are you playing up?

  4. I cracked 1600 I guess. I thought I was around 1400-1500 after the class championships, but I'm at 1617 now.

  5. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Props for breaking 1600, and good luck at the tourney!

    As someone who's played several U2000's at 1600: keep in mind the positive. You don't have much to lose (rating points wise).

    Play loose, stay comfortable, and chow down on those Jack-in-the-Box tacos at lunchtime!

  6. Thanks Donnie - that's good advice. This year, they're moving the venue from the Hilton to the Marriot, so there's not much temptation to go to jack-in-the-box ... although, I preferred to go to a Chili's nearby and get a $13 steak for my protein fix.