Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Chess Around the Net

i discovered a chess player who has taken up a challenge: complete all 3914 lessons on chess mentor within one year.  but not only has he set out on this challenge, he's vowed to donate $2600 to an anti-charity.  this little knight errant quest has a bit more teeth to it than your normal quest.  you can follow this guy's quest on his blog: chess challenge.

you may have heard about the new inductees to the national toy hall of fame.  after all these years, the game of chess was inducted.  the other toy that was inducted this week ... rubber duck.  talk about the opposite ends of the toy spectrum!

gareev is up to 15 now.  he's slowly working his way up to 50 to beat the world record.

oh ... and there is some sort of big chess championship going on: link to site.  go matt damon!

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