Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Review: Computer Chess

Computer Chess is on Netflix, so I watched it over a few days.

Just a few observations ...

1. It's not really about computer chess.  It's more about AI.
2. The movie starts off as a faux documentary from the early 80's, but then later it shifts to this sci-fi flick about AI.
3. Other topics the movie hit on besides computer chess:  the humanities, sex, the CIA, on-line dating, weird psychology.
4. The movie tries to make you think ... I tried trying to get it, but it was just so weird.  After watching it, I felt like the same way I did when I watched the final few episodes of Battlestar Gallactica - that we are all in this one ginormous loop - robots/computers turning human who make robots/computers who turn into humans who make robot/computers ...
5. I felt closter-phobic the whole movie.  Having been a child of the 80's and staying in some of those old stuffy hotels, I felt like it was stuck in an Elvis Presley look-a-like concert watching this movie.

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