Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 Chess Goals / Book List

1. solve 20 tactics a day at ChessTempo (blitz mode); 7600 problems for the year.
2. play at least 52 games a year (; guess the move at chesstempo)
3. read all the un-read chess books I own and try to learn something from them.

Here's the list of books which I own, but have not read (or completed reading)
- Reassess Your Chess (3rd & 4th editions - Silman)
- The Amateur's Mind (Silman)
- Chess: the Art of Logical Thinking (McDonald)
- Improve Your Opening Play (Ward)
- Manual of Chess (Lasker)
- GM Secrets: Endings (Soltis)
- GM Secrets: Openings (Soltis)
- The Immortal Game (Shenk)

Just as a reference, here's a list of books I own and have read

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  1. HTRYC 4 is computerchecked, many excamples of HTRYC 3 are wrong if you ask Houdini. HTRYC 4 does have many exercises which is very important in my eyes. So i suggest to skip HTRYC 3.
    Here is a list of books and the suggested rating of the reader: . Several of your books are there and there is a suggeston in which order they should be read. think HTRYC 4 is even e little harder than 3 so it seems to make sense to read f.e. the Amateurs mind before HTRYC