Monday, January 13, 2014

Deadly Chess Part 2

I imagine it's been all around the chess world, but I still want to document it here.  Over the last few years (going back to November 2008), I've been documenting chess violence.  Today, I read on a story coming out of Ireland about a murder after a game of chess went awry.  The murder was quite gruesome - the murderer tried to eat the victim's heart!

Man Stabbed to Death 'Over Chess Dispute'
Dublin researcher, 39, 'stabbed to death following row over a late-night chess match'
Man 'stabbed to death over game of chess' in Ireland
Chess player stabbed to death 'after late night row with opponent over move spiralled out of control'
Man fatally beaten and stabbed in chess match row
Man held in Dublin over 'ritualistic chess killing'


  1. Well,..


    but seriously:

    if only 1% of mankind is mentally ill and only 1% of these mentally ill people are very dangerous.. then just by statisics : 1 of 10 000 chessplayer is very dangerous mentally ill. So "statistically" 700 user of just are ehh.. more than difficult..

    I think the murderrate of pokerplayer, footballwatcher or Pubvisitors will be higher

    Quizz ;)
    What religion has the highest / lowest murderrate?

    Map religions:

    Map murderrate:

  2. People just don't appreciate how dangerous a game this can be...