Monday, February 20, 2006

Fall Semester 2005 Mod A - Finance Theory

Summer 2005 was the end of my core classes. Fall 2005 would begin my elective classes. The whole semester, my mind would be wholly focused on finance.

Finance Theory and Practice

Finance theory was simply a continuation of the first finance class I had. We went over most of the same topics we covered in the first class, but the emphasis was much more focused on theory. The teacher was Chun Lam. He was a pretty good teacher ... older gentleman who was difficult to understand at times because of his accent.

The first day of class, I sat on the front row. I was determined to get some good grades this semester. Plus, I was really worried and intimidated about the finance concentration. Since I had started the program, I had heard that the really smart students in the PMBA program were the ones who concentrated in finance. The rest of the students either did a general studies (took whatever class they wanted to) or they concentrated in marketing. A few, choice, select individuals concentrated in accounting or information & operations ... but those students generally worked with that stuff all day long anyway.

So, I was a little fearful of finance. The first week of the class, my head was spinning and I was starting to get lost. But I kept at it and eventually the material started to sink in my dense head.

All we had in that class was a mid-term and a final. I did well on both. My favorite part of the class was discussing the portfolio theory and asset pricing models. I'll be taking a class specifically about those subjects in mod B (here in a couple of weeks).

There really wasn't much to the class. He would lecture and we would study. Pretty simple and straight forward. I enjoy those types of classes. I earned an A- in this class ... the elusive A still getting away from me.

Spring 2006 Update

Our team worked on the credit scoring model via email all day yesterday. The model is all put together, so we just had to put some BS in the document. Only today's class and next week's class is left! I'll be so glad to get this class over with. If it weren't for negotiations, I'd be really hating this module.

I still havn't read the negotiations case yet. I'll probably do that today while I'm waiting for class to begin. Wednesday is our last class!

For mod B, I'll be taking 'Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing' and 'Game Theory for Business Managers.' I'll have to go buy my books here next week so I can get started on my reading during spring break. It never ends. After reviewing the course websites ... it looks I'm going to be very busy next mod.

Chess Update

Now for the 2/20/06 puzzle ... 29. Rg8+ Rxg8 30. Nf7++ Fairly easy ... took me about 30 seconds.

And the answer is Rg8+ 1-0. Hey ... it's a Monday puzzle.

I played about a dozen blitz games on Saturday. I lost almost every one. But now, my RD is back to normal at least. My rating isn't swinging up and down wildly now. To my credit, I did win the last two blitz games. I'll probably play some tonight. I need to get my crazyhouse RD down now.

Quixote Update

Don Quixote is turning out to be a really good read. I think I'll give a little review each time I write up a blog entry.

So far, our noble knight has had delusions of grandeur and has set off on a quest to right wrongs and to help the oppressed. He arrived at an inn with no money. Everyone goes along with his insanity ... they know he is insane, but they joke around with him in a cruel manner. The innkeeper learns that our knight has no money, so he ends up staying outside. A couple of men need to feed their horses and they need to get to the watering trough and Quixote starts to fight them (thinking they are trying to take his armor away from him). Quixote lays it on them. At this uproar, the innkeeper comes out and dubs Quixote a knight and sends him on his way before he causes more trouble.

He starts for home because he needs more money and clothes. On his way, he hears crying. He finds a farmer beating a boy. He stops the farmer and the farmer explains that the boy has cost him several sheep. Quixote saves the boy and demands the farmer pay the boy his wages. The farmer says that he'll return home to get the money. Quixote trusts him. The boy pleads to Quixote not to leave him alone with the farmer or else he'll beat him up worse. Quixote says that he trusts the farmer and that Quixote will beat the farmer senseless if he doesn't give the boy his wages. Well, as you might imagine, Quixote leaves thinking he's done something great and the famer beats the boy almost to death. The boy vows to find Quixote and tell him what the farmer has done. The farmer just laughs.

Quixote ... still on his way home, encounters a group of traders. He tells them his lady, Dulcina something or another ... is the fairest lady to look upon. The men and Quitoxe argue about this. Quixote begins to charge the group, but his noble steed (Rocinante) stumbles and Quixote falls off. Then one of the men beats the snot out of Quixote.

Quixote cannot move. He begins to recite a poem he'd read. A man from Quixote's village finds him on the road and takes him back home. His servants and the preacher talk about how all of Quixote's books have made him insane and that they should burn them before others read them.

I'm really loose on the details ... I think writing a summary will help me to comprehend more ... so I think I'll continue with this review.

Well ... that's about all for today.

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