Friday, February 24, 2006

Spring 2006 Mod A - Week 8 Review

Now that I am done reviewing all the classes I've taken in the SMU Cox PMBA program, I will simply provide updates in the classes I'm currently taking ... much like I would have done if I had kept this blog up from the get-go.

Excel Modeling

The first class I'm taking, and just about finished with, is Business Modeling Using Spreadsheets. The course is taught by Eli Snir. This has not been my favorite course. I thought I'd enjoy it when I signed up for it. But that is proved to be otherwise.

We've had to do 3 group cases and 1 individual case ... each worth 25% of our grade. For the first two cases, one of our team members did pretty much all the work. For the third one, we met last night and took about 3 hours to hash it all out. This weekend we'll put the write-up together and then turn it in on Monday.

As for the individual case, I still need to come up with the 3rd part of the model and then do the write up. I have until March 3rd to turn it in.


The other class I'm taking is Master Negotiation taught by Robin Pinkley. She is a great teacher and presenter.

I've really enjoyed this class and am looking forward to taking the 2nd half of her class next Fall.

All that I had left to do in this class is the final. The four of us will be meeting Tuesday night and then I'll be done with this class.

One last comment about this class ... Robin told us, just before class ended, that we have been a really great class to work with. She said that we've all done much better than previous classes and that we are a saavy class when it came to negotiating. She also said that we had an excellent sense of humor and that it made the negotiations go very well. I'm looking forward to taking the 2nd half.

Quixote Update

I didn't read at all last night. I watched the Olympics with my wife and then went to bed and fell fast asleep.

Chess Update

I didn't play any games last night either.

And now for the 2/24/06 puzzle ... 36. ? I must be completly wrong because it seems too easy. 36. Ra8+ Rf8 37. Rcc8 Rdd8 38. Rxd8 Rxd8 39. Rxd8++

OK ... this has to be something difficult becaust it's a Friday!

The answer is 36. Rc8+ Rf8 37. Raa8 Rdf6 etc. click on the link to see the end. Well ... the idea was the same with the same result. By move 37, all the pieces were in the same place that I had put them. The difference was that black moved 38. ... Rdf6 instead of Rdd8. The real tactic comes next when Nh7. The king has to take the knight and then white grabs the rook .... a N for R exchange and that makes all the difference. This was too easy for a Friday puzzle.

Spring Break is March 5-11 ... I'm so looking forward to the break. I plan on buying my books for the next two classes and then get a start on the reading. Besides that, I plan on spending some much needed time with my wife and kids and then I'll spend my nights playing chess.

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