Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Summer Term Grades and Fall Term Outlook

MBA Update

Summer term 2006 was the best semester I've had so far!

I earned an A- in security valuation and an A- in managing teams, so all A's and A-'s this term.

The Fall Semester will be a cakewalk.

For the first mod, I'll be taking International Financial Markets with Amar Gande. This is his first semester teaching at SMU. He just came from Vanderbilt. His first class last night was boring ... especially compared to the last two classes I took. Hart and Gande are stark contrasts ... Gande will bore you with a PowerPoint lecture while Hart was constantly writing on the board and the students had to keep up.

That is the only class I'm taking this mod. Next mod I'll have just one class too ... Advanced Master Negotiations with Robin Pinkley.

Quixote Update

I've already mentioned that I finished it. I found that Blue Devil Knight is reading the same Edith Grossman version that I read. He posted a quote from the book regarding chess. I found a few quotes from the book that are applicable to the 7 Circles quest. I'll be posting those quotes as I continue my quest.


I hope to be able to start playing some long time control games again in the next few weeks. Besides the quest, there isn't much else I'm doing right now.

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