Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer Term is Over

I had finals this week.

The managing teams final was just a quiz worth 15% of our grade. I think I did better on this one than the first. Our paper, worth 50% of our grade, is due tomorrow. I've already written it and just need to email it to the teacher.

It was a good class. I think I'll get an A- or A in that class.

Security Valuation is over. I did a complete review of all the material over the last two days. My friend and I worked on the practice exam last night. The exam was tonight. It was all quantitative except for 3 points. If I did my calculations correctly, then I think I will have earned close to a 97% on the final. Assuming I earned a 100% on the project, then I would get an A in this class. Otherwise it'll be a B+ or A-.

I finally finished Don Quixote. It was a good read. I'm reading Life of Pi now.

As for chess ... I'll be posting a lot more chess now. I'll only have one class a week from now until I graduate in December. I'm working on the Circles and will update the Circles blog more frequently as I progress through the levels on CT-ART 3.0. I think I'm up to problem 180 as of today.

It feels so good to have the summer term over with.

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