Friday, February 27, 2009

FICS Chats

I found this little blurb funny.

Blakeos(2): since the server crash, I am no longer labeled as an abuser, is there a way to fix this?
MarcdCool(2): you still want to be an abuser?


I did about 20 tactics tonight ... just to warm up before playing ... didn't really help.


I played a handful of games tonight. I won two blitz and one standard game. I lost four blitz and two standard games. I also chatted a bit with a couple of people on FICS including dk. I saw Robert log on, but he was playing when I was seeking and vice versa. All said and done, I was on FICS for a solid 4 hours this morning from 11:30pm to 3:30am.

It was fun ... I mean, I really enjoyed myself ... just playing. I know I suck, but I played some good games and some really crappy games. Sometimes I don't mind losing if the game is brilliant. There are a lot of games where I am just in awe that the other player is seeing the stuff he is seeing. It is like he all of the sudden reaches behind himself and monkeys start flying out of his butt. I just have to shake my head and smile in awe.


  1. "... and monkeys start flying out of his butt."

    Now that is a trick i didn't even see a magicain perform. Guess i play chess against the wrong people. :-)

  2. I'm really sorry i missed you. I didn't get to stay on there for as long as I had planned. I look forward to getting with you soon.

    Funny about the server crash, I had to quit using the java and go to Babas, which I had avoided because I didn't like the distractions, I liked the simple java board. I'm getting used to it, finally.