Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tactically Slaughtered


I was slaughtered today at ChessTempo. I meant to work on just a few, but I felt some mojo or something after lunch and I just kept plugging away. Like an addicted gambler, I kept thinking things would turn around, but they never did. I went from a relative high of 1855 a few days ago to 1764 today. I did over 100 problems today and I was nickled and dimed down bit by bit. My vision just wasn't there. Sometimes I saw it, others times I'd be completely stumped.

Logical Chess

Game 18 was more on the Queen's Gambit. Again, Chernev emphasized the importance of c5. Black must dispute the center by pushing towards c5 and White must defend c5 at all costs. There is a lot of positional stuff going on. I kind of understand it, but there's no firm grasp for sure. There seem to be a lot of neuances that I would never get in a real game.


  1. It would be interesting to know any correlation between your rating on ChessTempo and your real rating, OTB or at least FICS ( standard). You can get plug-in for FICS's Babaschess, which shows you your rating graph.

  2. I've thought of that too. I really need to set aside some time every week to play some standard games. Lately, I've been trying to play one or two 15 30 games every week until I get a new work schedule.