Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good Day


I rebounded on Chesstempo. 5000 new tactics were added to the server and I got a dozen or so of them. I nailed a 2000+ tactic and overall had a pretty good session. I finished after 70 tactics with a rating just over 1800.


I was able to get a game in tonight. I was rated 1657E on FICS and found a player rated 1657 as well. It went all the way to the end, but he blundered and let me queen a pawn and the game was over. It was pretty fun.


  1. It's great to see you posting so often and working so hard on your game. I'm now in a much smaller town with no real tournament action and am in "easy" mode...I need to get back to Chess Tempo and see if I can catch up with you!



  2. Seems it's going the right way with your tactics. Now i hope your are going for the 1900s at Chess Tempo.

    Congratulations on your win against equal rating. But maybe best to play against a somewhat higher rated player next time who is able to punish your mistakes.

    Offcourse all depends on what the goal of that game on FICS is, relaxing, fun an equal rated player will do. If you want to have some material for study then playing against a 1700-1800 player will do better.

  3. Wahrheit, chesstiger, THANK YOU for the comments!

    @CT Right now, I'm just trying to get more play in. I am doing well at the tactics and studying GM games, but I need to get more playing time in. So when I log onto FICS, I will take almost anyone to play me a 15 30 game. LEP doesn't look like he'll be putting on any tournament soon, so I'm thinking about hosting one ... similiar to the ones we've had before.

  4. Why don't you play online correspondence games, for example on You have 3 days per move ( you can play faster of course). You can start a new game (seek on FICS) with any chosen variation. It gives you same slow game, but in more flexible environment. I am playing now 10 games there, 6 of them thematic.

  5. @Rolling Pawns ... I do play correspondence chess at RedHotPawn. I play 7 days with 7 days timeout. I have 8 games going right now and have completed over 40 games. I use the CC games for really looking at all the moves and taking my time for moving. I also use it to study some openings.