Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Game 37

Not much to see here ... just more crappy chess.  I'm really good at making fast blunders (2.9 seconds in this game).  This was solid hope chess at its best.  The only redeeming feature of this game was that I even played.


  1. Hi Rocky,

    I have examined your game. I noticed that your thinking time per move was be very low. Are these times rapid for slow chess(60+5)?
    I think if you would have use your time till the last, the game could have been better.

    And I look forward to our scheduled game at 22 July :)


  2. Yes - I didn't take much time to think in this game. I was in somewhat of a blitz mode in this game. One of the things I need to be more consistent at is always taking my time when I have the time to take.

  3. Eek. White's 21. Ng5 is awful - this is what Heisman is after with his Counting Crusade. You messed it up as well, as 22 ... Qxe7 simply wins a piece (the g5 knight is now protected), and even the simple in-between move 22 ... Nxh3+ picks up at least a pawn.

  4. "The only redeeming feature of this game was that I even played."

    Actually, I though you played that pretty well up until 22 ... Rxe7?? You were in complete control of that position (good bishop pair, strong knight, control of the open file) - I'm not really sure White's supposed to do on move 21. You're threatening Nxc3 as it is, and b5-b4 is kinda good as well I think.

  5. Jabari - thanks for the comments. This is something I need to work on a bit more. I am quick to see tactics on ChessTempo, but completely blind in my games ... as evidenced many times. I should be seeing those tactics in games no problem, but instead, I consistently fail.

    I am also highly inconsistent in my quality of play. In some games, I feel I play solid chess, while at other games, it's like I have the memory of a gnat and I just forget all past experience, lessons "learned", thought processes, etc.

    Sometimes when I go into a game on-line, I feel fresh and ready to play. I play confidently, sharp and solid. Sometimes I go into a game feeling sluggish and in the fog. On those occasions, I can eventually snap out of it and play a focused game. But other times, I fail to get out of the fog.

    I'd like to be able to always get out of the fog every time I play ... I'd like to play solidly every time.

    This is the main reason I like to play the 75 15 or G/90 or G/120 games. If I'm not feeling that great up front, I can take the 5-10 or even 20 minute think on a move until I feel composed and ready to fight. I can't really afford that in a G/60 or even a 45 45 game.

    Any advice on this front?

    One of the original intents of this 52-game quest was to just get myself consistently playing week after week ... so I could learn to deal with quickly overcoming that "lack of will to fight". I wanted to train that into a reflex. I don't think I've succeeded because I've not consistently played. I need to get in the game week after week in order to begin to address that issue.

    Thoughts (from anyone) on this?