Monday, July 02, 2012

A Race to the Finish (Games 35 & 36 including one w/ Ralph)

We left on vacation several days ago.  Knowing that we'd pass through Columbia, SC, I contacted Ralph to see if he'd be up for a game.  He could not the first weekend we passed through, but his schedule was open the 2nd weekend.

The game was played on Friday June 29 - right in the middle of the massive heatwave that gripped the East. It was 108 at the time of the game and the motel we were staying at did not have great AC.

Ralph posted the game, as well as his annotations, here.

The game was full of errors on both sides and Ralph does a great job of breaking them down.

Although the play wasn't spectacular, it was great to see a fellow blogger in person and play a game.

While in Myrtle Beach, I played my nephew a game of chess.  That one turned out to be a win for me.  I would have liked to play lots more games w/ him, but we were busy building sand castles and having fun with the rest of the family.

I did play a lot of 5 3 unrated games at night while trying to fall asleep at night on vacation.  A few weeks earlier, I found a nice Droid app called Yafi. It worked great for the dozen or so games I played.  I was only disconnected once - which is why I was playing unrated games.

So the race to the finish of the quest begins.  I have 5 weeks left to play 16 games.  I may not be able to get a whole lot of 75 15 games in during that time, so I will be working to find some G/60 games at FICS at night.

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