Friday, July 13, 2012

Game 39

Four weeks left in the 52-game quest ... I've got until August 10 to finish up 13 games.

Game 39 is from Round 1 of the NAS-NAJ Open at the Hobby Marriott in Houston.  As I said before, I'm a bit doubtful my real USCF rating is 1617.  But as it is, I had no other option but to play in the U2000 division - missing the U1600 division by 18 points.

These tournaments are typically at the Hobby Hilton.  I think the Marriott is much, much nicer.  The place was nicer, newer and cleaner.  There is also much more lobby room at the Marriott for people to hang out and play chess.

Before going into the hall, I was able to talk to Dan.  He and I were in the Unrated section of the Class Championships a couple of years ago.  It was good chatting w/ him again!

We played Round 1 in the same room as the scholastic kids.  I showed up w/ no board or clock.  So when my opponent didn't show up immediately, I had to borrow a clock so I could get the time moving.  He showed up about 5 minutes later and we played.

Here is the game - I had the black pieces ...

The guy I was playing is rated 1749.

After I went up two rooks to one bishop, he decided to resign on move 24.  We both had about 44 minutes left on our clocks (G/120 5 delay).

So this was a pretty good win for me - my 2nd best win in my USCF career!

Round 2 and 3 are tomorrow.  I'll be taking byes for rounds 4 and 5 on Sunday.


  1. Oh wow - nice. Did you see that queen pin back when you played BxR? Nicely done!

    That "b6 KID" thing that you play is very odd - Palliser doesn't even mention that formation in "Play 1. d4!", and he has like 40 pages on the KID. *laugh*

  2. I did see the pin on his queen. At that point in the game, I was really concerned about his Ng5 move. I also saw him potentially doubling up rooks or rook/queen and aiming for e8 for the mate. So, I wanted to be able to get my queen on that h8a1 diagonal. f7 was defendable w/ my knight and rooks.

    Yes - i'm an odd player b/c I don't know my openings :-) the b6 move seems to work. i need to play it against a computer or something to see its flaws.

    my thoughts on it are: i can't stick the bishop on e6, f5 or g4, so i'm left w/ b7. need to think about that some more ... do you got any thoughts on it?

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Great job seeing all the basic tactics (including the saving pin at the end) to put your opponent away.