Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spring Semester in Review

Spring Term

The grades finally came out.

Game Theory ... B+
Portfolio Theory & Asset Pricing ... B-

This was my 2nd worse semester since the very first semester. I've always earned at least one A- since that first term. This term ends that streak.

It was a tough semester. The spreadsheet class and PTAP kicked my hide. The negotiations and game theory class were enjoyable and I feel like I learned a lot from them.

I hope the Summer Term will go better. I am shooting for an A in both MNO classes.

Quixote Update
Chapter 38

Weird chapter ... Quixote is at the dinner table and delivers a discourse on the difference between a man of arms and a man of learning.

Chapter 39

This chapter begins the story of the captive traveller. A footnote states that this could be a semi-autobiography of Cervantes. It is a wild adventure and I don't see how it adds to the story.

Chess Update

I'm itching to get back in the ring (on-line tournaments). I haven't been able to play as many games as I would have liked. I've been doing a lot of projects around the house and helping out the wife and kids. By the time I have a few free minutes, I am too tired to log on to FICS and play. Instead, I just watch TV or read a book.

The May 9, 2006 chessgames.com puzzle is 38. ? At first, I think the pawn needs to advance to g6 to defend f7 and h7. But I think that there must be some sacrifice. Rh8+ would probably be my best bet. Then on the next move, advance the pawn to g6.

The answer ... Rh8+.

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