Monday, May 22, 2006

Summer Week 1


Dr. Rasberry seems like a nice enough professor. He was a little sick the first night and could not talk well. He let us out early. The class will be busy. We'll have 3 short papers, 1 presentation and 1 huge paper to write. On top of all that, we have to really participate in class discussions. It will be a good and enjoyable class. The key (for me) is to get a head start on that final paper.

This weekend, I watched Patton the movie. Today I wrote the 2-page report on it. I framed it around the trait and skill model outlined in the book. The first two chapters of the book dealt with these models.

I think it will be a good class and I'm looking forward to the remaining weeks.


Stewart Rogers teaches the database class. I took the Excel seminar from him. He talks a million miles an hour. He is very smart.

The class wasn't too boring. It looks like I'll have my nose in the textbook a lot during this class. All that we have are a few homework assignments, a pop quiz and a final for the class. I think I'll do well enough in this class.

I have a feeling that I'm going to really enjoy this first mod and really hate the 2nd mod. We'll see.

Quixote Update

It is still sitting there. I'll be getting back into my routine this week and so hopefully I'll find some time to read.

Chess Update

I worked from home on Thursday. I played a couple of games during lunch. I can't remember what happened.

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