Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Summer Break

I've really been enjoying my Summer break. Last night I stayed up and watched the Dallas Mavericks rip the Spurs apart. If only the would have won game one ... At least the Mavs have homecourt advantage now.

Chess in the News

Much like the BCC, I will be posting some articles I found that are chess-related.

Kids in Tucson are really getting into chess.
"My favorites are the bishop and the knight," Kyle said. "I like the bishop
because it moves diagonally . . . I really like diagonally. And I like the
knight because of the cool way it moves, in a L-shape."

This quote reminded me of my daughter (5 yrs). She loves to say the word diagonally.

Math, Reading, Spelling ... and Chess? AF4C's goal is to make chess another subject in elementary school curriculum. AF4C recently won an award for its First Move(TM) chess curriculum on DVD.

Chess Update

Tonight I'll be able to play some chess. My wife has a party planned for the evening, so she and all her friends will be invading our home. After I get the kiddos to bed, I'll going on a date with Dell and FICS.

The May 10, 2006 puzzle is 34. ... ? I'm pretty confident that Ng3+ is the correct move.

Oops ... Bxe4, then Ng3+

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