Monday, May 01, 2006

Game Theory: Judgement Day

Game Theory

About 4 hours and 10 minutes before the final. I think I'm ready. I admit, there are a few types of problems I hope don't show up on the exam. But for the most part, I'm well prepared.

I anticipate I'll get around a 90% on the final. I honestly think I'll get a B+ or A- for the class. But an A sure would be nice.


Saturday night, our group met and studied. I stayed for two hours and then left. I studied practically all day Saturday for this class. I'll do well on the number problems, but the short-answer questions will give me a hard time. I fully expect he'll throw some question about some obscure fact in one of the many articles he assigned to us. All I care about for this class is to get at least a B out of it.

Quixote Update

No updates today. I'll have more time to read after finals.

Chess Update

Believe it or not, I didn't play once this weekend ... not even for a study break. But the first thing I'm going to do after finals are over is play a dozen blitz games.

The May 1, 2006 puzzle is 38. ? Looks like Rxc4 and black will eventually lose his queen.

The answer is Rxc4.

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